Royalet Jade Electronic Bidet Seat
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  • Wash
  • Bidet
  • Intensive Wash
  • Dryer
  • Warm Seat
  • Adjustable air/water/seat
  • temperature settings
  • Adjustable water pressure settings
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Sitz Bath (aerated wash)
  • Pulse Wash & Massage function
  • Soft Close lid & seat
  • Sensor activated seat
  • Energy Saving

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The Wash function uses a solid stream of water to thoroughly clean.  The Bidet nozzle is more suited for feminine hygiene.  The Intensive Wash is an extra powerful wash. Pressing “Nozzle Cleaning” while using the Wash/Bidet will activate the aerated wash (Sitz Bath).


Warm seat

With an (adjustable) warm seat, there’ll be no more cold surprises on winter mornings. 



Self cleaning nozzles

 Nozzles perform a self cleaning rinse before and after each use.


Warm air drying



Warm air gently dries any moisture.   4 step temperature control for optimum comfort.



Adjustable nozzle positioning

The position of the nozzle can be adjusted in 5 increments.

Energy Saving
Regular energy saving mode, or Learning mode, which learns through weekly patterns of use to save energy.

Adjustable water pressure & temperature

Settings can be adjusted for seat temperature, water temperature, dryer temperature as well as water pressure.

Pulse wash

The water strength oscillates between soft and hard while washing.

 Massage wash

Nozzle moves back and forth to aid cleaning.

Soft closing lid and seat

The hydraulic lid and seat closes quietly, and gently, with a simple touch.

Sensor activated seat

The Royalet has a special sensor so that the bidet only activates once someone sits on the seat.  This function can be turned off.


Automatic deodorization

Carbon cartridge helps filters odour automatically while bidet is in use.