Handspray Installation

The handspray system is the cleanest most appealing high quality bidet spray system available on the market today.

The full metal construction makes it the most reliable installation is just so simple all the parts are supplied.

All you need is a spanner.

Operation is so simple.

The tiny water diverter allows you to turn on the Handspray with just the flick of a lever.

This tap has been specially designed to fit under your cistern. As a unique safety feature the lever needs to be turned down to operate the handspray and up to fill the cistern, thus ensuring the user always turns it off.

The flexible hose we supply was specially designed with deep dish nuts, this allows easy installation and helps prevent cross threading of the plastic thread of the cistern in nearly every application. 

The unique cone shaped washer negates the use of plumber’s tape, so all you need to install this flex hose is a spanner.

The backflow we supply is probably the smallest and best quality Dual Check on the market today- where most are only tested to 700KPA our Dual Check holds a safety rating of 1200KPA. That’s almost double.

If you live in a high pressure water area then you need to have a pressure restrictor, but most pressure limiting valves are large, bulky items. This pressure limiting valve is the ultimate in slim line design is so small you won’t even notice it’s there.